My first love of my life in school time

Hello friends how you are ?, i hope you all are good and living well in your life.Welcome to here you can read interesting stories and we will always serve you better now lets start the story without wasting any time.My first love of my life in school time

My first love of my life in school time

I heard people always said that if it’s meant to be it’s gonna happen and whenever the right time comes everything will sort out itself automatically and fall into their place.  I don’t know when the right tie comes for me in my life but this is my my story today i gonna share with you. Its all started when i was in 7th grade and he was in 8th grade. We had fun that day and my friends wanted to play soccer and also called me to play with them but i was not sporty girl at all but i just went with them anyways.When we entered into gym many of boys were standing there already, so i told my frnds to get this out this is bad idea so we should leave from here. They ignored me and started playing with boys. after sometime i noticed that some of boys staring at me and pointed fingers i felt very strange that time but i knew one of boy in them and i went up to them and looked at the one and asked him hey you i knew that you and your little buddy are talking about me huh? They laughed and other boy said to me you are cute and smart i laughed with them and say thank you to him. He would throw me the ball and he started flirting with me but i was too young to know.

After the 3 year forward, everything gets changed i made new frnds half year through my sophomore year, a new boy joined our school and all of my frnds talking about him that how cute he his and his stuff. So during lunch time i heard that all my frnd still  talking about new boy, than i saw him walking into locker room and i decided to follow him as soon as i saw his face i was like oh it’s you he said ohh hi i asked him why do you come to this school he said he moved. It was awkward so i sad ok hope you have good time and go back to class.I was like he is hot and i think i had a crush on him some day after i saw him on snapchat and i added him he added me too and we starting texting each other but we didn’t talk in school in real life.

One day while we are talking and i fell asleep in the morning i saw his message and he said ” since you are scared to talk to me in person i’ll come and talk to you i was so excited that morning i tired to look best of me i put make up too wore my best cloths and put hella perfume when i got to school i saw getting off the bus in front of me I was scared and didn’t walk next to him. So 1st period passed but he didn’t came to me to talk and 2nd period also passed i was worried he saw me up close and ignored me .Then i was going to my class than suddenly i heard someone comment on my from behind wow someone looking so hot and cute i turned and i noticed it was him i was nervous and he said did i scared you and he laughed.I don’t want to be behaved like  a child so i said what did you just said to me an even i don’t know how to reply him. Fro that day he always praising me everything morng nd i felt falling in him.he pushing me around his frnds and touching my back closely.Honestly i enjoyed each day with him then suddenly i got fight with my parents because they wanted me to switch my school and i don’t want that.

But he saddest part is i have to switch mt school cause my father transferd to some other place, i left the school i got in argument with him and we even didn’t said goodbye to each other i was very broken almost crying in whole trip. I really thought that we were gonna go somewhere each other  i cant stopped my thinking about him. But suddenly he stopped talking to me on snapchat i  was very worried why he is behaving like that now and one day my frnd sent me pic of him with another girl doing same he done with me and that time i was shocked and tears came out of my eyes everything said me to move on and its difficult to me to do that. i really loved him so much. I don’t why this happened to me what was my fault.

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