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Hello friends how you are ?, i hope you all are good and living well in your life.Welcome to yexmore.com here you can read interesting stories and we will always serve you better now lets start the story He was everything to me   without wasting any time.

                                               He was everything to me

Hello readers my name is suzi and i was in love with guy and his name was dennis, and he was very cute he lived next door to me at that time. When i was too young i didn’t know about the love but i had very strong feeling for him at that time. when ever i saw him i just felt so relax and peaceful at the age of 18 he approached me and express his feeling to me and told me how much  he liked me and needed me. I was shocked at that time by knowing that he also love me as much as i did and i immediately accept his proposal without wasting any moment and we start dating each other, i didn’t know at that time  and we dated for 3-4 years.He introduce em everyone including his parents he was my everything my daily dose i was just addicted to him.I was felt like i can’t live without him i gave all my time to him and i loved him  full  of my heart, we used to skype daily with the passage of time we grew up and he start loosing interest in me. I felt like he started ignoring me.

The more he pushed me away the more i get closer to him. 1 week passed away but he didn’t called me or even texted me i felt like i am not at safe side of love i started loosing him but i didn’t gave up on him i want to spent my life with him He was everything to me i didn’t know how to react at that time. Then my birthday came i was very excited and at 4 o’clock he visited out side my home and called me i was very happy finally everything gonna be alright but the bad news came out of his mouth he said ” Suzi i don’t want to live with you in relation lets just be simple friends” and he walked away i was standing there like a non living thing and tears are running out of my eyes i just believe what just happened with me the guy i loved the most who was everything me and he just ditched me i came back to my room and cried in paining i almost commit the suicide but i failed weeks, months and years passes away and i still miss him alot i hope he will be happy without me and i want to say to you him that He was everything to me and i want him to be happy always in his life.

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