Cute conversations between a Boy and a Girl

Hello friends welcome to so here we going to tell you some amazing cute little conversations between a Boy and a Girl who are in love with each other.

 Cute conversations between a Boy and a Girl


Once upon a time there was a boy who felt love with his friend. One day he met her on the way.
Boy : How r u sweetheart ?
girl : not good
boy : why? what happened? (in shock)
girl : i have cold
boy : what???how ?( sad mood )
girl : i had ice cream
boy : r u mad ??? (angry)
i had told u not to eat ice cream in this season ,,, you are crazy??
look into my eyes what the hell u think you are? don’t you’ve brain??
you aren’t kid, cant u just take care of your self??? stupid idiot..and than
 girl smiled,,
hugged him n said “Love U a Lot”
boy : what’s happening here? will u please tell me
girl : just loved it whenever u scold me that’s why I ate ice-cream so that you’ll scold me
boy :stupid idiot I LOVE U too…!!


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