Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Book, Story, Review and Date.

Hello guys today we will take about our most favourite book and most awaited movie Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. As most of you know that Harry potter series is the one of the most favourite series of all time in books and also in Hollywood history, there are almost 7 books of harry potter series were released by J.k. Rowling (1997-2007). People loved her script so much and after that she decided to continue the series as in Harry Potter And The Cursed Childand this book is in two part Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Part ! and Harry Potter And The Cursed Part 2 )

About The Author

 Joanne Rowling know as J.K Rowling was born 31 July 1965 and she is a British novelist, screenwriter, and producer. an who is known for her bestest scripted fantasy series Harry Potter. The books won multiple awards and sold more than 400 millions copies all over the world and created the history in book selling market. J.K Rowling was rejected 12th time before the Harry Potter first book launched. She is really an inspiration for all the young writers.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Book, Story, Review and Movie Released Date:

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Book : 

After saw the love of people for the Harry Potter series , J.K. Rowling decided to continue this series.in the frame of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child one and two and it is the eight story of the series Harry Potter. Although J.K Rowling wanted to kept the secret plot of the play as long as possible and at the opening night of first preview she started a #KeepTheSecrets campaign.

Finally the script book was launched on 31st of july 2016. Many owners of the bookstores hosted midnight released parties and The Definitive Edition of the script was released on 25 July 2017.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Story

The story of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child begins at King’s Cross Station where Harry’s and Ron’s children — Albus and Rose Granger-Weasley ready to Hogwarts for the first time. Albus is afraid that he will break the family tradition and be selected in Slytherin rather than Gryffindor. On the Hogwarts express Albus make his new friend Scorpius Malfoy, and he is the son of Draco Malfoy.

Albus is selected in Slytherin with the Scorpius Malfoy and in the other hand  Rose is selected in Gryffindor and become famous as Albus shows no particular magical aptitude. Albus and Scorpius become friends, but the rumor about Scorpius’s birth cause him to be an outcast.

Draco Malfoy already suffered physically and mentally by rumors that Voldemort used a Time Turner to impregnate his wife Astoria to give birth to Scorpius. He asks to Harry Potter statement that time turner have been to destroyed. Everybody want to Harry go back in time to Triwizard tournament and save his son Cedric, since he was an innocent victim of Lord Voldemort.

Over a holiday Harry arrives to meet the his son and give him a present: his own baby blanket after sometime Albus and Harry argue about the Albus’s difficulties at school and harry get angry and says to Albus he sometime wishes you wasn’t my son, Albus feel hurts and leave to go back to Hogwarts. Harry feel guilty to hurt his son for the first time in nineteen years.

Albus and Scorpius offer to help Amos and Delphi Diggory to go in time by using the time turner and save the Cedric.They use Polyjuice Potion to steal a Time-Turner from the Ministry of Magic and sabotage Cedric in the first round of the Tri-wizard tournament.

Harry and Draco finds Albus and Scorpius outside the Hogwarts, when they transported back to the present, as the Time-Turner has a five-minute limit. Harry tells Albus to keep away from Scorpius.

The next day, where the time is little change. Ron is married to Padma Patil, Hermione is a teacher at Hogwarts, and Albus is now in Gryffindor. They decided to go back in time to cedric’s second task of tournament. When they are return to present Scorpius can’t find Albus and is informed by Headmistress Umbridge that Harry Potter was killed during to failed coup on school at the battle of Hogwarts. Albus doesn’t exists and Scorpius goes to Snap, who in this narrative  is still alive, to ask for help. Scorpius explained to him everything and Snap leads them to base of resistance, The Order of the Phoenix. They use the Time-Turner to go back to the Triwizard tournament and Albus is prevented from casting his spell on Cedric. When they return, Dementors arrive and suck out Hermione and Ron’s souls. Snape is also killed.

Scorpius goes back in time and find Albus is still alive. Scorpius decide to destroy the Time Turner and they hand to Diggory, but after that they realize she is a daughter of Lord Voldemort. Now Delphi blackmail the Albus to go back in time to make her father Voldemort ruler by Cedric or she will kill his friend Scorpius.

They Stopped at an Unknown period where Voldemort attempting to kill baby Harry Potter for the first time and Delphi aim to stop him to kill Harry, so that  when he kill Harry, the curse will not be rebounded.

Albus and Scorpius send message with full detail to Harry in present through baby blanket. Draco has indeed concealed a Time-Turner, and Harry, Ginny, Draco, Ron, and Hermione travel in time to the date. When they arrive Harry transforms into Voldemort to lure Delphi. Delphi explains to him that she is the child of an affair between Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange. Albus helps his father to beat Delphi. Then they hear that Voldemort come to harry’s parents and they are just watching that without participating in it because they dont want to take risk to change the future and Harry watches his parents being murdered by Lord Voldemort.

In the present, Scorpius asks out Rose Granger-Weasley who declines, but give him hope for the future. Harry pledges to be a better father and explain that Dumbledore and Snape were great personality in magical world and he must not feel obligated to live up to their accomplishments. Both Harry and His son filled with joy and hope for better future together.


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Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Movie Release Date.

The date of release date is still nit decided yet but the Warner Bros want Daniel Radcliffe return in a Harry Potter and Cursed Child film due 2020.





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