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Hello guys as you know books are our best friends but now everyone are so busy in their life but. Every successful person in this world always suggest us to read books if you want to be successful like them. Reading books are very boring jobs but it will surely help you to grow mentally and physically. Today we will suggest you some best self help books for men and we suggest that everyman should read once in their life.

5 Best Self Help Books For Men

The Rules of the Game by Neil Strauss 

This is first book in best self help books for men If you want to play the game you need to know The Rules Whatever experience level you have, whatever strengths and weaknesses, whether you’re a virgin or a Don Juan, the stage has been set for you to perform at your highest capacity.The Style life Challenge is a simple, easy-to-follow guide to the best and fastest means of approaching and attracting women. Neil Strauss spent four years gathering this knowledge, living it and sharing it, testing the specific material in this book on over 13,000 men of varying ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Part practical application and part sequel, this is the further adventures of Style and his game techniques.

 Amazon rating 4 out of 5 star


Freeing the Angry Mind by C.Peter Bankart

 This is second book in the list of self help books for men and n this book we will able to know about a unique approach to male anger management using mindfulness, compassion, and self-awareness exercises to help men understand and deal with angry feelings that can damage their careers and relationships.

Amazon rating 3.4 out of 5 stars





Finding Our Fathers: by Samuel Osherson                                          

This is the third book from our list of self help books for men and in this book  you learn learn and get to know about a seminal classic, Finding Our Fathers examines the hidden struggle faced by millions of men: how to reconcile their childhood images of their fathers–and of all men–as silent, stoic breadwinners with the life they want to live now–embracing two-career marriages, closer ties with their children, and greater emotional awareness.

Amazon rating 5 out of 5 star



Fire in the Belly by Sam Keen

 This is the fourth book from our list of self help books for men and this book Written for both men and women, this groundbreaking book takes the reader on a journey to discover new routes to authentic manhood and create alternatives to definitions of masculinity that no longer work in today’s world.

Amazon rating 4 out 5 star





The Myth of Male Power by Warren Farrell

This is last and fifth book from or list of self help books for men and this book is really very good and help you alot to know about myth of male power and this book documents how virtually every society that survived did so by persuading its sons to be disposable–disposable in war, disposable at work–and therefore, indirectly, disposable as dads.

Here we will suggest you 5 best self help books for men and their rating on amazon according to their customer. Every book has their different personality and each book teach you something new and fresh We hope these book help you in your life and make you better person in all your roles of life. You can also read 5 best self help books for women to make herself better 
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