what should i do now ?(love story) in English by Armaan

Hello friends welcome to yexmore.com, how are you today we going to tell you very interesting story,so lets start the story i hope you like it.

Hey i am Armaan, this is my real life experience which I want to share with u guys.

It is always said that love is blind and it knows no boundaries..
I had no future.i wasn’t alive for any other reason than my eddy(my pug)

two and half years ago..yeah it was Diwali vacation
6th November 2016 at 8:45 pm…she left me
I just set on my dinning…I got a call from one of her friend
The short of it is that she was in wrong car at wrong time, riding with a friends for small trip.
She met with an accident when I came to know this I was died with her.

The night I was saying goodbye to the person I thaught she may be left me forever.
It was the sign by god….that night I felt something bad inside me, i am scared to send her….the day before two days she told me that she loves me a lot and took promises from me that I always love her and still I try fulfill it everyday every second of my life

In the 3rd years we’d know each other very well.
We’d never gone a day without communicating.
We used to share all sorrows and good timing.with each other
we were addicted and used to talk daily .we never fought with each other.

Everyday,i remember her..
Everyday,the world reminds me that she was here with me and she was an important part of my life
I still LOVE her,,but I dont live her anymore….

I am crying right now ….I cant say anything but I have to

The past of us two and half year I’ve been trying so hard to figure out WHAT I am without her???

WHO I am with this crucial part of me..it amputated and hunting me…

I am nothing without her.i have my parents support but what should I do without her???
I couldn’t even sleep.i couldn’t closed my eyes
I am completely nothing and depend on her in other words she completes me fully

The woman I was supposed to marry was killed in accident.i can’t imagine being with anyone other than her..I just don’t know my situation.
I talk to her all the times in the hope that she may be appear or that she may be send me a sign but nothing has come.

I just spent my two years in exercise and whole day with my bussiness meetings and work and with my Eddy…he is always with me.he also feel my pain.
One day I was out of the door and went to park by 6.30 for jogging.i was with my earplugs and listening songs in full volume
Suddenly Eddy smells something and he ran so fast I couldn’t catch him he ran with other dogs and went out of park and he was about came under the truck but before that she saved Eddy my life.
I am nothing without Eddy .he is my one and only life support after Aisha .and I started to pamper Eddy I forgot to thank her and she also joined and started pampering and then I realized and thanked her.
She was also came for jogging.i saw her first time but I was in my thoughts which was full of sadness and darkness so I left park Nd went for home.

Next day in the park at 7:00 am while the sun played hide and seek in between the trees and stinging my eyes. I was on my path and Eddy saw her and ran to her and play with her by licking her feet.she took him in her soft hands and Eddy feels so happy and relaxed like she was his best buddy.
After two years that scenario forced me to smile  I couldn’t control my smile by seeing them.
I was quite happy and yes I was in thoughts of My Aisha..
Day by day she used to come across my path everyday.and she became my habit that we looked each other from distance but we never talked with each other.she just played with my Eddy thats it…I don’t bother for her at all.

One day in the middle of night It was the first time after Aisha’s death I used to think about that stranger girl and Aisha at same time…

Before that I had never gone through this kinda of stuffs even I have rejected so many marriage proposal and hurt my parents..

After a month we started talking and jogging together she had just completed her MBBS.
We had just formal talk nothing else.


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